Real Life is Strange

I recently saw this “shower thoughts” post, and it’s been on my mind ever since. It said something along the lines of, “People are afraid of travelling to the past because they think one small action will majorly change the future. But they don’t think that their one small action in the present will also have the same effect.” Basically, the butterfly effect.

Last Friday was the result of a series of small actions leading up to a single, precious moment. It started with one small action from 5 years ago.

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Article: Spotlight on SUTD Game Lab Game Innovation Program

As a gamer, supporting the local gaming industry is important to me. So at the recent STGCC 2017, I took the chance to cast some light on the Singapore-based SUTD Game Lab Game Innovation Program. I also spoke with some of this year’s participants, and checked out their game demos.

All the details on Haogamers: Spotlight on SUTD Game Lab Game Innovation Program


Serious Flash Fiction Vol III

There’s a fun little annual competition on Twitter called Serious Flash Fiction, where participants are challenged to write a story within 129 characters (a tweet + #SFFiction). I’m pleased to share that my entry was selected to be featured in this year’s Serious Flash Fiction anthology, along with many other creative writers. Support the growth and continuation of this project by picking up a copy on Amazon!

For more information, check out the official Serious Flash Fiction website.


My Top Picks of E3 2017

This year’s E3 showcase has plenty of announcements designed to tempt gamers, but I have only that much time and money to spare. From what has been revealed so far, I’ve picked four games that I’m definitely interested to get. This is by no means a list of “best” games showcased at E3. It’s just as far as my wallet can go. You’re welcome to share your own top picks in the comments.

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